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Global Vacation Network Travel Club

Welcome to Worldnet Brokerage a Travel club Resale Outlet worldwide. We represent  Global Vacation Network Travel Club on the Resale of their Travel Club membership. We do not  represent any Resort, Travel Club, Developer or Club.

Value Weeks
You may use one Star Credit (SC) to obtain a 8 day 7 night stay in a Studio or One bedroom condominium during Value Time
Requests are accepted up to one year in Advance. for the Best availability requests should be sent at least 60 days in advance for Value time and 120 days in advance for peak season time.
There is a $89.00 Processing Fee when you use a Star Credit to obtain a Condominium stay.

Shopping Services.
The Shopping service does not carry all brands and products however the program will use reasonable efforts to obtain as many products as possible. Brands and products that are carried may change from time to time ad savings may not be available on all products.
Global Vacation Network Travel Club
Global Exchange Vacation Club, Annual dues $2595.00, 21,000 points every year,
Global Vacation Network Membership with 3 Star Credits.
Up to 3 weeks annual, Dues $389.00
Remember All Properties on Inventory are Subject to Prior Sale
"First Come first served"

Membership travel benefits include your condominium package plus our advice on the best savings for airline-reservation, car rental, cruises and special member cruises, tour packages, and any other questions on travel, are accessible by calling your toll free 800 number.

Membership shopping benefits online will allow you to gain access to thousands of name brand products at wholesale prices without leaving home or you may call your toll free 800 number to purchase over the phone.

Annual Activity Fee
To keep your membership activated and allow you to take advantage of your membership benefits, your annual activity Fee must be paid by each anniversary date of your contract. If you choose not to pay your annual activity Fee. your membership becomes inactive for as long a period as you like. One you are ready to use your membership again, you simply pay the current annual activity Fee and your membership will e active for one year from that date.

Global Connections, Inc.

*Global Discovery Vacations*,
a travel club product of Global Connections, Inc., is a multi-destination network offering flexibility and affordability. Star Credits allow members to plan their i vacations, and several initial Star Credit levels can be selected, so members can choose the program that is right for their budget. Many different distributors sell the main product, Global Discovery Vacations. While not known for instantaneous bookings, Global Discovery is still a good core product with a focus on timeshare resorts without the hassles of dealing with a timeshare exchange company.