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Grand Crowne Travel  Club Network

Welcome to Worldnet Brokerage a Travel club Resale Outlet worldwide. We represent  Grand Crown Travel Network Members on the Resale of their Travel Club membership. We do not  represent any Resort, Travel Club, Developer or Club.

So many Destinations!
So much Fun!
A membership in Grand Crowne Travel network is your passport to luxury vacationing at the level you choose that best meets your travel desires. Your membership options provide real value today, with the promise of may happy vacationing experiences to come.
Grand Crowne Travel Network is constantly scouting out the finest resorts at the most in-demand destinations as well as new marchant vendors to add to our ever-growing list of benefits to pass on to you as Grand Crowne Travel Network member.

Grand Crowne Travel Network... your gateway to the world!!
Platinum Membership
Platinum membership offers our best benefits for those who travel often and wish to share their privileges with up to six family members. You will  automatically receive 15 FREE travel transactions requests (travel inquiries) annually Each inquiry represents a savings of $25.00 to you
DISCOUNT CAR RENTAL: Their Rules Are Our Rules. In order to rent from any car rental company, you must present a valid driverís license and credit card to the rental agent Very few car rental agencies will accept cash, and when they do, a large cash deposit is required.

CRUISES: GCTN is able to negotiate substantial discounts off of brochure rates for Cruise Lines. The earlier in advance of your desired travel date the better the opportunity to contract a reduced price.

RESORT CONDOMINIUMS: GCTNís availability is usually for one or two bedroom units. Larger units may be available at an extra cost, depending on location. Larger units have much more limited availability. Please allow additional time for Special Requests for inventory that is not already available on the web-site, because these requests require numerous phone calls and faxes to secure the reservation and negotiate the lowest possible rate for you. The individual resort sets check-in times and you must abide by their rules while you are their guest. Unlike hotels, resorts normally set one day of the week as their check-in/check-out day. GCTN does not have any control over check-in days. You will need to make your vacation plans according to the day of the week the resort has set. All reservations are subject to availability.
Grand Crowne Travel  Club Network
Remember All Properties on Inventory are Subject to Prior Sale
"First Come first served"
Grand Crowne Travel Club, Branson MO, Four Weeks of condo usage every year, Annual Dues $189.00, Gold Membership, Unlimited Hot Weekm Family Plan up to 4 members, Price Match Guarantee, Referrals & Rewards Program, 1,000 Diamond Rewards Renewed each year.
Grand Crowne Leisure Travel Club, Unlimited usage of condo week and unlimited usage of hot weeks, Family Plan up to 6 members, Annual Dues $149.00, plus discount on RV, Golf, Airfare, Cruises, Car Rental, All inclusive Vacations, Hotel and Motel,and recreational Skiing & snowbording; Motorcycle Rental
new low
Grad Crowne Leisure Travel Club, Unlimited usage of condo week and unlimited usage of hot weeks, Family Plan up to 6 members, Annual Dues $149.00, plus discount on RV, Golf, Airfare, Cruises, Car Rental, All inclusive Vacations, Hotel and Motel,and recreational Skiing & snowbording; Motorcycle Rental

Grand Crowne Travel Network
CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP: Travel certificates or premium offers are not part of the membership price, neither are they performed or fulfilled by GCTN. GCTN and its affiliates, employees, and representatives are held harmless from and against all claims or fees resulting from the usage of the travel and/or accommodations certificates provided or fulfilled by third party companies.
Several vacation and travel discounts are included in your membership package. Understand that GCTN is responsible for providing fulfillment only as set forth in the materials related to GCTN and does not provide the actual airline, cruise line or other specific travel or accommodation services offered though various membership components. The providers of these services reserve the right to make changes in these programs at any time without notice.
Membership benefits, terms and conditions of the agreement and procedures are solely between the GCTN and Member. No corporation, entity, agency, or individual shall be held liable for any disputes, disagreements or any other actions of the GCTN or its members.
Memberís account must be in good standing at all times in order to use member benefits. This includes being current on the annual Activity Fund, and if the membership was financed, members must be current on monthly payments.

Grand Crowne Travel Network
TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP: If member is no longer able to or no longer wishes to use the benefits of membership, the membership may be sold, willed or transferred.
The equity in your GCTN membership may also be used as an upgrade to other Grand Crowne products.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL: The Annual Activity Fund is $189.00. If members select to pay by credit card, additional fees may apply. If members choose to pay for more than 1-year's membership in advance, there is an approximate 10% discount for each additional year.

SPECIAL REQUESTS: GCTN will provide the services and facilities of your vacation package as outlined on our Web Site and confirmed in writing by GCTN. If you prefer special arrangements other than those described, such as adjoining rooms, ground floor accommodations, special meals or handicapped facilities, we will be glad to forward your special request to the appropriate vendor on your behalf. However, since these requests lie outside our contracts with our suppliers, GCTN does not guarantee that these requests will be fulfilled.

CONFIRMATION: Reservations must be paid at the time of confirmation and prior to written confirmation being sent out. All pertinent information for you to contact the resort is furnished on the confirmation. All confirmations are final, non-transferable and non-refundable. Tickets will be sent via first class courier. These documents will be mailed to the address given on the request form. We can have your document delivered by an express mail company for an additional fee.

FLEXIBILITY: We work with a variety of resorts in each vacation area. To give you the most flexibility we use vacation areas rather than requesting a specific resort. Remember, when making a request, you should submit several different dates. We cannot guarantee a particular request will be fulfilled. The greater the flexibility of your request, the greater opportunity to confirm you into a desired area. If you must vacation on holidays, please plan ahead. This is the period of greatest demand.

AIRLINE TRAVEL: Please note that reservations can hold a seat for you, but they do not guarantee the fare. Airfare is only guaranteed once the tickets are paid in full. Your vacation representative will be able to confirm the most current flight details at the time you make your reservation. In addition, this information will be included in your booking confirmation. All flight times are subject to change therefore it is recommended that you verify your flight times in advance of travel.

DISCLAIMER: All travel packages and reservations booked by GCTC are subject to availability at the time of booking. All prices and vacations are subject to change without prior notice. Dates, schedules, costs and program details are accurate based on information received by GCTC. Please verify details, date and pricing at the time of booking. We take no responsibility for pricing, availability or travel date and time errors on the part of our suppliers that may appear on our Web site, e-mail or printed media. GCTC cannot be responsible for any of the independent suppliers, any acts of God, war or terrorism, views, noise or furnishings and any unforeseeable events while member is in transit. GCTC cannot honor any verbal agreement that is not in writing.

Grand Crowne Travel Network

Terms and Conditions

OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO YOU: GCTN has arranged with various airline companies, hotels, condo resorts and other independent suppliers to provide members with the services and benefits purchased. While GCTN has taken all necessary steps to insure that proper arrangements have been made for your vacation, we do not accept any liability for the action or omissions of the independent suppliers over whom we have no direct control. Should you encounter disputes with such persons and/or companies, GCTN will grant members reasonable assistance and service to aid in resolving any such discrepancies warranted by GCTN.